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Currently Accepting Applications from Qualified Supervisors

The Northeast Florida Mental Health Counselors Association
Qualified Supervisor Directory
Being listed in the NEFMHCA Directory of Qualified Supervisors is a service provided by our members. All efforts are made to assure that individuals listed have been approved as “Qualified Supervisor” by the Department of Health, Board of CSW/MFT/MHC.
NEFMHCA does not endorse or have responsibility for any services provided by those listed in this directory.
You should verify a Qualified Supervisor’s credentials by going to the Department of Health, Medical Quality Assurance website: 
The Supervisor’s license number, the title of Qualified Supervisor, and the type of intern (CSW, MFT, MHC) they are approved to supervise will be listed on the licensure screen.
Ensure that the Qualified Supervisor that you choose is still credentialed and in good standing with the Florida Department of Health. 
If you are a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern then you should be looking for a “Qualified Supervisor MHC”.  The MHC lets you know that this Qualified Supervisor has been credentialed to supervise Mental Health Counselors.