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NEFMHCA Scholarship Program


Scholarship Program

Connecting our members to

professional development


The NEFMHCA Scholarship program is a benefit offered to NEFMHCA members only.  If selected, NEFMHCA will pay for your attendance to any continuing education event in the Jacksonville Community that has been selected and approved by the NEFMHCA Board. 


·       You must be an active NEFMHCA member to participate

·       The number of applicants NEFMHCA selects for each event varies by the event and event cost.  Members who participate will be randomly selected by the NEFMHCA Board

·       Any member selected to attend an event must attend the next upcoming NEFMHCA Board meeting to share their experience and provide a report to members about the knowledge and resources that were acquired as a result of attending the event.

·       NEFMHCA will only cover the admission price of the continuing education event.  All other costs associated with attending the event such as lunch, travel expenses, etc… are the responsibility of the member.


Congratulations to Mary for winning a NEFMHCA Scholarship to the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association's Annual Conference!


Congratulations to Sally for winning our NEFMHCA Scholarhsip to the Mental Health America's Mental Health Summit!


Congratulations to our NEFMHCA Scholars:  Alexandria, Soraya and Susan who were selected to attend the

Autism Symposium!

We were so excited to listen to Susan Snyder, one of our first NEFMHCA Scholars, who attended the Autism Symposium in March. Susan attended the NEFMHCA meeting yesterday evening to share the knowledge that she acquired at the Symposium. We learned a great deal. Thank you Susan!

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